Why, Steph?


I’m Steph and I am a knit-nerd. I love knitting. It is a bit of an acquired taste and many of the people in my life (with a couple of notable exceptions!) really only care about it because I care deeply about it. Note: they’ll deny this fact because they are awesome. My life is busy but I do try to make an honest effort to work on my knitting every day.

Lately I’ve been feeling the pull of a few different ideas and I really believe this blog might be the best way to deal with everything. I am terrible at Ravelry and the use of the project progress indicator. I am atrocious at maintaining a project journal. I am wholly unable to effectively commit to one or even two projects at a time. These three truths about myself lead to a lot of issues with organisation, resource management, and (in more cases than I care to admit) project completion. I have a “Purgatory Box”filled with projects that have stalled out, been forgotten about, or need to just be disassembled and the components redeployed to other endeavours.

But there is hope! I do have some strengths that I am hoping I can use to ultimately make a more reliable and organised knitter out of myself. I have basic knitting skills. I love trying new projects. I love yarn. I love to take pictures. I don’t mind writing. I have the resources to post in this space available often. All good things! 

With this blog my goal is to better organise my projects by being accountable to a bigger audience. Having people who check in on how projects are going and call me out on getting over-ambitious with new ones will be something that benefits me. I will try not to get into the trivial minutiae of the projects but I really love being able to share my work with people who appreciate what I do… People who want to have a conversation about why I did what I did, why I used what I did, what I struggled with, what was excellent, and everything else about the project.

Am I an awesome knitter? Nope. I am a profoundly mediocre knitter. But I love both the routine of my established skills and the elation of figuring out something new. I am here to share what I can do and to improve on everything.