March Project Summary

  March is done! This month was a busy one! The mediocre weather was perfect for getting some little (and not so little) projects completed! Snowdrop Shawl Lobsterclaw Headband Wrist Warmers Mittens Braided Headband Diamond Neck Warmer I am also still working on: The Who Me? Cardigan Brick Stitch Blanket It is time for better…… Continue reading March Project Summary

Update on the Brick Stitch Blanket

Hello! This… This… THIS… I love how this blanket is coming together and it’s really only just beginning! I’m mulling over some ideas for the edging that will make it a bigger and even more amazing blanket. I’m considering backing it with fleece as well. This is going to be perfect for a certain girl I know…… Continue reading Update on the Brick Stitch Blanket

February Project Summary

  February is over! These are the lovely things that I’ve been working on all month. Brick Stitch Blanket Cozy Hat Snowdrop Shawl Who me? Cardigan Wrist Warmers Lobster Claw Headband Cozy Hat is done! Brick Stitch Blanket, Snowdrop Shawl, Who Me? Cardigan, Wrist Warmers, and the Lobster Claw Headband are still in progress but should…… Continue reading February Project Summary