Oh this Sweater…


I’m starting to feel a bit anxious with this sweater. I keep avoiding eye contact, hoping it will just magically get finished… it won’t… that plan never works. The Who, Me? Cardigan… I’m cracking a little bit… but I won’t be defeated!

I have my strengths when it comes to knitting and I know that seaming and sewing together projects is definitely not one of them. At. All. I have done a little bit of that unpleasant work with this project and so far and I’m really not happy with how it looks. I can’t tell if this is still an issue with my loose tension or not. I tried to use mattress stitch and I can’t stand it. I am going to disassemble what I’ve done and try reassembling it again. I have a funny feeling that I didn’t quite do the mattress stitch correctly, so I will do some research and try to figure out if I had it done properly or if I totally missed the goal with the procedure. If I still don’t like it after all of this I will take it apart again and try with a different method.

I’m choosing to remaining positive with this! This will work, this will happen, I just need to gather the nerve to pick it up and get it done. I’m so close to being finished. I want to wear this sweater and I need to have the feeling of having conquered this.


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