Braided Headband


I started playing and came up with another cabled headband. I’m such a fan of how simple yet super-cute these things turn out to be.

Winter isn’t over so I decided I needed to make something like this for myself. I love it. It isn’t as brutally cold here anymore so this is the perfect weight.

I made this with some Stitch Nation yarn that I found in amongst my stash. It is Full O’Sheep in the colour Little Lamb. I followed the basic idea that I used for the Lobster Claw Headband. I used my usual size 9 needles and a cabling needle as well.

Here’s what I did:

I cast on 20 stitches using a provisional cast-on. Because of the way I did it, the cast-on took the place of row 1 and I started everything with row 2. This is important later on for grafting everything together. Starting with row 2 allows the graft to take the place of row 1 at the end of the project… There isn’t an extra row throwing off the spacing this way.

I followed this pattern:

Row 1: K3, P1, K12, P1, K3

Row 2: K4, P12, K4

Row 3: K3, P1, K4, cable 4 in front, K4, K4 cabled stitches, P1, K3

Row 4: K4, P12, K4

Row 5: K3, P1, K12, P1, K3

Row 6: K4, P12, K4

Row 7: K3, P1, cable 4 behind, K4, K4 cabled stitches, K4, P1, K3

Row 8: K4, P12, K4

I repeated these 8 rows until I had enough to fit around my head while trying to make sure that I had an even number of those 8 rows (I wanted the braid to look even all the way around. Next I grafted the provisional cast-on end with the working-stitch end. Ends woven in. Washed. Blocked. Worn. So in love.


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