Winter is dragging. Seriously. I’m so excited to sit outside without having to wear huge amounts of clothing. I also run long distances and I am sick of the weight of winter clothes. Slipping is also just the worst. I’m done.

The need for some colour in my work has been overwhelming lately and last week I had a few free moments to check out a local yarn shop. I found this yarn and committed it to a small “to-go” mitten project that I would work on while out and about. I had an appointment later that day and I got going on it. Then I got home and kept going on it. And then the next day I finished it. So here we are with another finished project. Also, I need another “to-go” project.

The pattern I used is Handful of Berries Mittens by Jocelyn J. Tunney and I made them in Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Gemstone. I love them. I love this pattern. I did make some modifications in the wrist (I added 5 rounds before starting the increases for the thumb) and I also changed the top finishing (I grafted the last 16 stitches together). I’ve made the mittens a couple of times before (once with the same yarn and once with a different brand of yarn) and the changes are preferences that I had. 

The mittens in the same yarn are my go-to when it’s cold and I need to survive a run. Hurray for Merino! I have a pair of wind-proof shell mittens that I pop over them and that combination is the only thing that reliably keeps me warm for my long hours of cold-weather running. The old ones have felted a bit and have really lost their shape so these new ones are going to replace them. In the grand scheme of running gear, having to make myself a new warm-layer of mittens every couple of years is really no big deal, but I will definitely be more careful this time around with these ones.


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