The Snowdrop Shawl is Finished


It. Is. Done. As done as I’ll get it to be, anyways. I don’t get excited about lacy edging on my accessories, so I opted out of the edging that the pattern suggests… There is a caveat written right in there that says you can leave it as is once you get the I-cord edging on and that is exactly what I did. I might come across something later on that makes me happy and that I can add-on, but for now I’m so pleased with this thing. So perfect.

This pattern went so well after I figured out that my tension needed to be much more firm to close the gaps that I was creating on the edge. The tension issue was a learning experience for me and I’m so glad that I started over instead of going forward and being extremely displeased with the result. I found the actual knitting work on this really quite pleasant. The skills required are knitting, purling, slipping stitches, knitting 2 together, and yarn overs. After a few rows, the repeats are quite easily memorised and towards the end I found I didn’t need to check the chart or pattern at all. It was something that I could pick up and do while watching a show, and that is extremely important to me. A+. I love it.

The pattern is The Snowdrop Shawl by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and is available for free on her Yarn Harlot website. The yarn I used is Gloss Lace by Knitpicks in the colour Hawk. To get this done I needed 2 skeins but have a bunch left over because I didn’t do the lacy edging. I used size 4 circular needles and size 7 dpns for the I-cord at the top edge.


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