Lobster Claw Headband


I have been trying to get my to-make list down to a more manageable level. It is such a challenge having this many outstanding projects… especially with some of the larger projects I have going.

LOOK AT THIS! It is totally that Lobster Claw Headband that I needed to make ages ago. Now that it is finished, the winter will absolutely be over. That is just how this goes. Always.


Here’s what I did.

For this project I used Riverstone Yarns in Pet Rock. It is a really awesome blend of wool and mohair. I used size 9 needles along with a cabling needle.

I cast on 17 sts with a provisional cast-on. The repeating 6 rows are as follows:

Row 1: k3, p1, k9, p1, k3

Row 2: k4, p9, k4

Row 3: k3, p1, cable 3 sts behind (3 sts on the cabling needle held behind work), k1, k3 cable-needle sts, k1, cable 1 in front (1 st on the cabling needle held in front of work), k3, k1 cable-needle st, p1, k3

Row 4: k4, p9, k4

Row 5: k3, p1, k9, p1, k3

Row 6: k4, p9, k4

I worked this pattern until it was long enough to wrap around my recipient’s head.

I removed the yarn for the cast-on and worked a graft to bind everything together.

I had to really read up on grafting and there was a lot of anxiety about getting it right. This was a learning experience but I used my Principles of Knitting book to get this going. It had an exceptionally clear picture and it was just what I needed to figure it all out. Grafting is a skill that really leads to a neat and seamless look for headbands and (in my future) cowls and infinity scarf projects. I am not a good person to explain how this works so I’m going to invite you to do some research on it for yourself and find a source that works the very best for you (books, YouTube, etc).

I’m really pleased with how it turned out! This was a special request from my sister and I sincerely hope (but kind-of not) that she gets to use it at least a couple of times this winter/spring season!



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