Cozy Hat


This hat is something that I worked on a while ago. I wanted to make a hat for my Little One and this is what I came up with. It was a very fast knit. The yarn is Lion Brand Thick and Quick and it was made on size 10.5 (6.5 mm) DPNs. I had never made a pompom but this absolutely would not have been the same without it. The pompoms are made from some miscellaneous unmarked cream coloured wool that I had kicking around the stash.

Here’s the pattern for this Cozy Hat:


Set of 5 10.5 DPNs, one skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick, a contrasting yarn for the pompom, scissors, Stitch Marker (M)

Cast on 49. Join and work in the round using one of the cast on stitches for a total of 48 sts. Use M to indicate beginning of round.

Knit in K1, P1 rib for 10 rounds

Switch to stocking stitch and knit for a total of 27 rounds (10 initial plus 17 stocking stitch rounds).

K4, K2tog for the entire round. 40 sts remaining.

K next round.

K3, K2tog for the entire round. 32 sts remaining.

K next round.

K2, K2tog for the entire round. 24 sts remaining.

K next round.

K1, K2tog for the entire round. 16 sts remaining.

K next round.

K2tog for the entire round. 8 sts remaining.

Leaving a long (12 inch) tail, cut yarn

Weave yarn through the remaining 8 stitches and pull tight.

Tie off and weave in ends inside the hat.

Wash and block.

Make/attach a Pompom:

As I mentioned above, I had never done this so I just looked around online until I found something simple. What ended up working for me was wrapping the yarn around my hand. The more wraps that there are, the fuller the pompom will be. Pulling the yarn off my hand, I tied another long piece of yarn around the middle and made it as tight as I possibly could. Leaving this loose will allow the pieces of yarn to pull out of the tie and your pompom will shed… bad news. With this tied off, I took a small and sharp pair of scissors and started cutting the ends of the loops. My word of advice is to be gentle and really work to not pull the pieces through the centre tie-off. When all of the loops are cut on both sides, the yarn needs to be trimmed into a sphere. This is where I failed a little bit. Hopefully your spatial, hair-cutting skills are better than mine! Make sure that you don’t trim the ends of your tie-off pieces of yarn because you will use these to attach the pompom to the hat. Thread them through at the top of the hat where the stitches were pulled together. I used a yarn needle and went back through the pompom again before I tied everything off. Weave in the ends.

Hurray! A Cozy Hat!


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