Snowdrop Shawl


This project is something that I’ve been wanting to start for some time. It was one of those things where I had a million excuses: my yarn was never right, I didn’t have time available to commit to a lace project, lace projects need a lot of concentration, etc, etc. Well I finally ditched the excuses and got down to it. That Knit Picks sale that I told you about? I got some Gloss Lace yarn in the colour Hawk and it is just amazing. Merino and silk… Perfection.

The pattern is by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and it is pretty much exactly my style. The pattern is available for free on her website. It’s a shawl that isn’t too frilly or fussy so I’ll be able to keep it for myself instead of giving it away. Don’t get me wrong! I love gifting my knitting to people who use and appreciate it, but sometimes it can be nice to keep beautiful things for myself as well.

There has already been one restart on this lovely thing. Remember this post about my Who Me? Cardigan? I was working on this shawl at about the same time I was learning that my knitting form was needing a little bit of a tune-up. I was running into the issue where the selvedge on one side of the project had big, sloppy looking holes and the other side didn’t. It was because my purl stitches were too loose and I needed to give the yarn a little bit of an extra pull after each stitch. I was really unhappy with how things were going so I pulled it all back and started over. Using what I was learning from the sweater, I managed to get things started on this again with a proper looking edge… one that didn’t upset me.

There are solutions to everything… it’s just a matter of looking into the issues when they come up and not being too attached to your progress to pull things back. I heard this quote somewhere and it’s amazing “Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.” So true. I find that I do this all the time and this quote is a reminder that I really need to look at things honestly and realise that starting something over is not the end of the world… it’s usually the start of something better.

This likely won’t be a project that I report on very often because at this point I can’t update it much beyond telling you that it’s definitely still a triangle and it’s definitely still getting larger. Later on there will be edging to add everywhere (even I-cord edging!)… exciting updates! But for now you’ll just have to trust that the triangle is only getting bigger.


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