Wrist Warmers


I got a special request for some wrist warmers. They need to be black but are allowed to be red as well… not all red… just a little bit. I’ve made a pair for this recipient previously and these ones need to be longer up the arm and more snug throughout. I hope that I’m accomplishing what needs to be done and that they’re loved.

I’m winging it in terms of pattern. It’s a bit of a muddle between a few mitten patterns I’ve used before. I’ve had to modify the number of stitches, how many rows there will be, and I will also likely be adding a few more increases for the thumb hole. My fear with pattern-free projects that require two items be made is that I will forget what I did the first time around and the second won’t be the same. So I’ve taken to writing down absolutely everything.

The yarn used is Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn in a black and in a red worked at the same time on size 10.5 dpns.

If this works out, there will definitely be a pattern.


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