March Project Summary

  March is done! This month was a busy one! The mediocre weather was perfect for getting some little (and not so little) projects completed! Snowdrop Shawl Lobsterclaw Headband Wrist Warmers Mittens Braided Headband Diamond Neck Warmer I am also still working on: The Who Me? Cardigan Brick Stitch Blanket It is time for better…… Continue reading March Project Summary

Update on the Brick Stitch Blanket

Hello! This… This… THIS… I love how this blanket is coming together and it’s really only just beginning! I’m mulling over some ideas for the edging that will make it a bigger and even more amazing blanket. I’m considering backing it with fleece as well. This is going to be perfect for a certain girl I know…… Continue reading Update on the Brick Stitch Blanket